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NanoLab Products: Carbon Nanotubes and Nanomaterials
NanoLab offers a wide variety of nanomaterials, including carbon nanotube powders, aligned nanotube arrays, nanoparticles, products made from carbon nanotubes & nanotube processing aids. We are also working to develop products in fields of composites, optical devices and field emission.
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Nanotube Powders:
  • CNT: Multiwall Nanotubes (research grade)
  • CNT: Multiwall Nanotube (industrial grade)
  • CNT: Double wall Nanotubes
  • CNT: Single wall Nanotubes
  • CNT: COOH Functionalized Nanotubes
  • CNT: Amine Functionalized Nanotubes
  • CNT: Metal and Silica Coated Nanotubes
  • Nanotube Composites:
  • BuckyPaper-Carbon Nanotube Paper
  • Carbon Nanotube Toughened Boron Carbide
  • CNT-Carbon Fiber Veil Composite
  • Nanotube Arrays & Devices:
  • Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays
  • Nanotube Tweezers
  • Optical Black Coatings
  • Additives & Equipment:
  • Carbon Nanotube Dispersants
  • Ultrasonic Probe Dispersion Equipment
  • Other Offers:
  • Carbon Nanotube Coatings
  • Polystyrene Sphere Arrays
  • NP: Cobalt and/or Nickel Nanoparticles
  • Inks & Suspensions :
  • Carbon Nanotube Suspensions
  • PECVD-MWCNT Suspensions from Arrays
  • Carbon Nanotube Ink
  • List of our distributors:
  • Japan: E&T Corporation
  • Southeast Asia:
  • Notice to NanoLab customers:
    1. NanoLab products are manufactured solely for research and development.
    2. All NanoLab products are to be used by, or directly under the supervision of, a technically qualified individual.
    3. Anyone engaged in experimentation, research, or analysis of NanoLab products, including the processing, use, transport, storage, and disposal of our products, should review our MSDS information and also review available literature on the health and safety of nanomaterials and carbon nanotubes. NanoLab has placed on its website, links to the health and safety studies of which it is aware. If you are aware of other studies where NanoLab nanotubes have been used, please inform us at
    This page is updated on 08/10/2011