research grade nanotubes
Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes
1. Our multiwall carbon nanotubes are produced by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) to strict length and diameter specifications, and are purified to >95% as measured by TGA. Production of our multiwall nanotubes is entirely domestic, from our facility in Waltham, MA. Our development engineers are available to assist in the selection of which nanotubes are right for your application, or assist in the development of your product or device.
2. Capacity: tons per year.
3. Residuals may include iron, sulfur.
Table (right side) shows our nanotube analysis by EDAX.
4. SSA 200 - 400 m2/g
5. Single gram minimum order
EDAX data, PD15L5-20
Element Weight % Atomic %
Carbon 98.92 99.75
Sulfur 0.14 0.05
Iron 0.94 0.20
Totals 100 100
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Multiwall Nanotube MSDS
Carbon Nanotubes
Hollow Structure, Multiwalled
Carbon Nanotubes
Bamboo Structure, Multiwalled
Outer Diameter
15 ± 5nm
Outer Diameter
30 ± 15nm
Outer Diameter
30 ± 10nm
Catalog No. Price Catalog No. Price Catalog No. Price


PD15L1-5,    1g $140 PD30L1-5,    1g $140 BPD30L1-5,    1g $150
PD15L1-5,    5g $650 PD30L1-5,    5g $650 BPD30L1-5,    5g $700
PD15L1-5,  25g $2625 PD30L1-5,  25g $2625    
PD15L1-5,  50g $5000 PD30L1-5,  50g $5000    
PD15L1-5,100g $9000 PD30L1-5,100g $9000    


PD15L5-20,   1g $110 PD30L5-20,  1g $110 BPD30L5-20,  1g $120
PD15L5-20,   5g $500 PD30L5-20,  5g $500 BPD30L5-20,  5g $550
PD15L5-20, 25g $2250 PD30L5-20, 25g $2250    
PD15L5-20, 50g $4500 PD30L5-20, 50g $4500    
PD15L5-20,100g $9000 PD30L5-20,100g $9000    
carbon nanotube TEM image
Multi wall Carbon nanotube
TEM image, PD15L520
10- walls, diameter 12nm
carbon nanotube SEM image
Multiwall Carbon nanotube
SEM image, PD15L520
carbon nanotube FTIR Spectrum
FTIR of multiwall carbon
nanotubes PD15L5-20
carbon nanotube Raman data
Multi wall Carbon nanotube
Raman data PD15L520
D:G ratio 1.33:1
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