Nano-Lab nanolab services
NanoLab routinely performs development work for & with our customers. The NanoLab staff have designed / formulated a number of composites, devices, paints and coatings for various applications, and can work with you to develop a system that meets your needs. We have worked in a number of industries too, from aerospace to consumer goods, so we know how to design products at large scale and low cost.
  • Formulation and Compounding Services

  • Read our NanoLab Capability brochure Here Our projects usually consist of four steps:

    1. Understand
    We typically start with a meeting with our client, where we specify a desired property set. We define which properties need to be specified and at what levels.

    2. Engage
    We then generate a development effort proposal from those requirements. Our team of materials scientists, nanotechnologists, electrical engineers, biologists, and physicists work collaboratively to generate a solution. Often the client works with us, performing specific tests or verifying our results along the way.

    3. Transfer
    When we have developed a system that meets the test criteria, we release that formulation to our client, or arrange for the systemís manufacture, through our network of toll providers or our internal manufacturing systems.

    4. Protect
    Intellectual property is important in the materials sciences. Sometimes we generate new intellectual property when working for a client to develop a new formulation or material or device. This IP belongs to the client in their application space, and NanoLab usually retains the rights to use the technology elsewhere. We can generate provisional or full filings, and work either with our patent lawyers or the clientís to obtain protection.

    Often, there are solutions to a clientís needs that donít require carbon nanotubes, nanoparticles or nanotechnology at all. Regardless, we are happy to share our knowledge. NanoLabís services group is lead by David Carnahan,