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Carbon Nanotubes

NanoLab is a US based manufacturer of carbon nanotubes, which can be tailored to customer specifications. Our standard carbon nanotube products, including multiwall nanotubes (MWNT), single wall (SWNT) and double wall nanotubes (DWNT) can be ordered online below with a credit card. We accept purchase orders via email, phone calls (781.609.2722)or fax (781.609.2899).

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Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes
IG-CNT: Industrial Grade Carbon Nanotubes, purity >85%
RG-CNT: Research Grade Carbon Nanotubes, purity >95%
Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes
DWNT: Produced by CVD Method.
Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
SWNT: Produced by arc Discharge or by CVD Method.
Functionalized Nanotubes
(Research Grade, high purity)
COOH Functionalized Nanotubes
Amine Functionalized Nanotubes
List of our distributors:
  • Japan: E&T Corporation
  • Southeast Asia:
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