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Carbon Nanotube Image Gallery
The mission of NanoLab, Inc. is to utilize nanoscale science and engineering to create high value products from carbon nanotubes, aligned carbon nanotube arrays, and other nanomaterials. Many NanoLab products are based on Chemical Vapor Deposition processes.
Carbon Nanotubes

carbon nanotubesCarbon nanotubes,high magnification

carbon nanotubesCarbon nanotubes,low magnification

carbon nanotubeCarbon nanotube TEM image

carbon nanotubeBamboo carbon nanotube TEM Image
Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays

nanotube tipsNanotube tips

carbon nanotube array Carbon nanotube array album

patterned carbon nanotubes arrayPatterned nanotube array album

patterned carbon nanotubesNanotube arrays on a patterned substrate

carbon nanotube arraySelf-assembled Nanotube Array
Carbon Nanotube Fillings and Coatings

carbon nanotube filled with cobalt Carbon nanotubes filed with cobalt

carbon nanotubes coated with SiO2 Carbon nanotubes coated with SiO2

carbon nanotubes coated with silver Carbon nanotubes coated with silver
Nanowires and Nanoparticles

nanowiresZnO nanowires

copper nanoparticles Copper nanorods

nanotubes coated wiht gold particles Gold particle immobilization
nanotubes coated with gold particles
This page is updated on 05/16/17
carbon nanotube carbon nanotube carbon nanotube carbon nanotube