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NanoLab® Receives Army SBIR Quality Award for Nanotube Production Released 08/11/04
Newton, Mass. September 1, 2004. NanoLab announced today that they have received the SBIR Phase ll Quality Award for "Large Scale Nanotube Production"

The award stated, "Because of the high strength, low density, and unique electrical and thermal conductivity properties of carbon nanotubes, the Army has sought to take advantage of this new technology while reducing cost and increasing supply. NanoLab created a chemical vapor deposition reaction chamber that continually synthesizes carbon nanotubes of pre-determined diameter, length and higher quality at a very low cost - less than $100/gram, a savings of over $900/gram. These quantities of low-cost carbon nanotubes have allowed researchers to investigate their properties in a variety of systems and applications including polymer reinforcement and ceramic armor toughening. NanoLab continues to scale up this process and has become a supplier to many DOD and Federal programs."

David Carnahan, President of NanoLab said,"all of us at NanoLab are proud of the recognition that this Quality Award gives our employees and our company."

NanoLab is a privately held research and development company, which focuses on the development of nanotube production and applications. NanoLab was founded in January 2000. The company is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, and operates as a manufacturer of carbon nanotubes and developer of nanoscale devices.

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