Welcome to Nanolab. We design, develop and manufacture nanoscale materials and devices. We are on the front of exciting new developments that promise to revolutionize the future as we know it
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Toll Compounding
NanoLab performs formulation work for customers requiring nanocomposites with unique properties. Our engineers start by specifying the properties that we need to create in a nanocomposite, and from those requirements, they prepare designed experiments to formulate composites that will express those properties. To prepare these composites, NanoLab has an extensive collection of equipment for the compounding, blending, and mixing of carbon nanotubes into resins, polymers, etc. We use equipment such as three roll mills, sigma blade mixers, etc to disperse CNT into epoxy resins, polyurethanes, polyimides, and solvated polymers. We have both lab scale tools and a 50 lb/hr mill that can process these materials. We also maintain tools to evaluate various material properties, which provides us feedback to our formulation efforts. Contact us with your formulation needs.
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