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Carbon Nanotube Surfactant and Dispersant
NanoLab offers two types of dispersants for carbon nanotubes: NanoSperse AQ for use in aqueous media, and NanoSperse AC for non-aqueous systems. Sold in 20 ml vials
NanoSperse AQ is a specially formulated dispersant package for creating aqueous dispersions of our carbon nanotubes. For every 0.1 gram of our carbon nanotubes, we recommend that you use ~4 drops of NanoSperse AQ. Ultrasonication is required.

  • Aqueous Dispersion Procedure for NanoSperse AQ--PDF
  • NanoSperse AQ MSDS--PDF
  • image of a vial of 
dispersant To order NanoSperse Aqueous Dispersant,
    Click here $30.00 / 20ml vial
    NanoSperse AC is a specially formulated surfactant for the creation of stable dispersions of carbon nanotubes in non-aqueous solvents. It may also be used to make nanotube-based inks, coatings, and screen printing formulations. It has proven effective in making dispersions in acetone, MEK, DMF, and other organic solvents. Contact us for more information about NanoSperse AC.

  • Aqueous Dispersion Procedure for Nanosperse AC - pdf
  • NanoSperse AC MSDS - PDF
  • Solubility Parameter for NanoSperse-AC
  • To order NanoSperse Non-Aqueous Dispersant,
    click here $30.00 / 20ml vial
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