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Nanotube Monolayers
NanoLab has experience in the deposition of Self Assembled Monolayers (SAM), Langmuir Blodgett (LB) films and also Layer By Layer (LBL) films of nanotubes. Our carbon nanotube monolayer coating products are made from research grade multiwall nanotubes (MWNT), PD15L1-5 or PD30L1-5, and can be made from single wall nanotubes (SWNT) on request. These monolayers are thin films of functionalized nanotubes, which can be deposited on most surfaces, although glass is a standard. Other substrates are available, including silicon, copper, stainless steel and others. A biocompatible monolayer is available, where negatively charged carboxylated (COOH) nanotubes are attracted to and adhered on a poly l lysine (positively charged) substrate. Please see Making CNT's biocompatible for an article using PLL coated nanotube monolayer coatings.
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Substrate Size(mm) Order Quantities Price ($) Features*
Glass cover slip D=25 <10 100 / piece none
10-50 900 / 10 pieces none
>50 800 / 10 pieces none
Using lithography, we can pattern nanotube monolayers, using either our masks or ones you supply. Below are three negatives of exemplary patterns. Feature size larger than 100 microns can be patterned in house, smaller features will require custom work. Please call for a quotation.
patterned cover slip patterned cover slip patterned cover slip
NanoLab monolayers can be patterned with >100 µm features.
AFM image of nanotube monolayer
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