Welcome to Nanolab. We design, develop and manufacture nanoscale materials and devices. We are on the front of exciting new developments that promise to revolutionize the future as we know it
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NanoLab maintains a group of synthetic chemists, who routinely synthesize nanomaterials, for internal use and for custom orders.
Our staff produces a number of nanoparticles, nanowires, nanorods, etc. from metals, oxides, and some polymeric materials.
Nanoparticles, Nanowires & Nanorods are synthesized & characterized using state of art techniques and reactors: hydrothermal, sonochemical, wet chemical, chemical vapor deposition systems.
For coatings on carbon nanotubes, these include:
SiO2 coating
Pt decoration
Ni decoration
TiO2 coating
Co filling (internal to the nanotube)

Please contact us with your nanoparticle synthesis requirements. The engineers and chemists here have the experience and tools to help you. email us at
The page updated on 05/26/2017