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Click to enlargeSingularity LT is a sprayable, low temperature activating formulation of Singularity, suited to application on canvas and many textiles, polymers, and wood. It is activated by heating to ~150C (300F), which can be accomplished with a hair dryer or paint stripper. It creates a coating that will absorb 98.5% of visible light incident upon it.
We recommend that customers consult with NanoLab personnel before working with the paint to ensure good results and safe practices. Pricing does not include ground hazmat shipping to the continental United States. Contact us for international orders. .Coverage ~250 cm 2 (~6"x 6")

As of October 15, 2021, all Singularity Black Low Temp products will be a 2x concentrated strength, giving the customer more area coverage than previously offered with the 1x strength Over the past year, Nanolab, Inc has worked to engineer and improve their pioneer product, Singularity Black Low Temperature Optical Paint. We believe offering the 2x strength will benefit our customers while achieving the low reflectance they have come to expect with our coating but using less paint. If you want to work in the older 1x strength after October 15th, you will need to dilute this in a 50:50 ratio with THF solvent. We look forward to continuing to progress forward with our Black Optical Paints in the years to come. Any questions, please reach out

On Safety: When Singularity is sprayed through an air brush, the aerosolized particles contain the polymeric binder, the carbon nanotubes and the fugitive solvent. These polymer-bound particles should not pose a health risk, but caution is warranted with any new material. Droplet sizes we have measured are typically larger than 5 microns, but other sprayers may differ in aerosolization. A respirators with a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) rating of P95 or greater have been shown to prevent the inhalation of CNTs under normal breathing conditions, and is mandatory safety equipment. The properties of nanotubes are not yet well understood, so use caution.

PLEASE NOTE : Due to the special packaging required to ship flammable liquids, we do not accept returns of Singularity Black LT.
Please discuss with NanoLab if there is a concern about shipping.

  • Selecting Respirators

  • NIOSH-2009 Instruction

  • LT Singularity Use overview -- pdf

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