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Once we had formulated Gravity Black, we realized that artist paint manufacturers have not taken advantage of the last twenty years of advancements in materials science and nanotechnology. NanoLab does not grind up rocks to make pigments. We use advanced particle synthesis and dispersion techniques to generate unique art materials that will outperform, impress and help your projects reach the next level, while being compatible with traditional oils.

MorganityTM White, What is it?
Morganity White is a new white, formulated from a lab-synthesized particle with exceptionally flat response across the spectrum. It is the yin to the yang that is Gravity Black. Neither one will impart hue to your paints, they simply lighten or darken what is present in the color you are blending. Morganity White is a premium, matte oil paint, formulated with a traditional linseed base, but with NanoLab's nanotechnology based fillers/pigments. This pigment is in a flake form, with nanoscale thickness. This lets it glide smoothly and behave as a clean, untinted background for anything mixed with it. It will cure to be dry-to the-touch in ~1 week. Like Gravity Black, Morganity White is extremely light fast- as a stable, inorganic nanostructure, it is archival. It will not degrade.

MorganityTM White, How White is it?
Morganity is more featureless across the optical spectrum than other paints. In the plot below, Morganís spectrum is compared to other high end white oil paints.

MorganityTM White Is it glossy or matte?
From a painterís perspective, Gravity Black and Morganity White are the most color neutral paints we have seen. They can be blended with other single pigment paints without causing a hue change.
With respect to glare, Morganity White produces a mid-level gloss finish, as shown below. We blended Gravity Black, and Morganity White with three paints, Gablin Radiant Lemon, Old Holland Burnt Sienna, and O.H. Naples Yellow Deep. We then did the same blending with O.H Ivory and Grumbacher Titanium White. We see our combination making smoother transitions without picking up additional hues.
NanoLab is working with ACMI to obtain LHAMA approvals for Morganity White In the meantime, customers are advised that this material is experimental, and to follow instructions in the safety data sheets provided. Coming Soon: We will be offering Morganity White Oil paint in 2 sizes: 37ml, &160ml,