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In our work with Singularity, we heard from many artists who were looking for an matte black oil paint that outperforms others in the marketplace. Gravity Black is the result, it uses the same pigment as Singularity, but in a base compatible with other oil paints. Gravity Black is a premium, highly matte black oil paint, formulated with a traditional linseed base, but with NanoLab's nanotechnology based fillers/pigments. These are finer than any other oil paint on the market, all the same size, and treated to be oil compatible. Gravity is the darkest matte paint available anywhere.

GravityTM Black, What is it?
Gravity Black is a matte black oil paint, exceptional for its lack of hue, and its low angle performance. Gravity Black is formulated with carbon nanotubes and other carbons in a linseed base. A cure accelerator is added to enable it to be dry-to the-touch in ~1 week. Gravity Black is extremely light fast- as a stable, inorganic nanostructure, it will not degrade.

GravityTM Black, How Black is it?
Gravity Black has a lower reflectance and is more featureless across the optical spectrum than other paints. In the plot below, Gravity’s spectrum is compared to other high end black oil paints.

GravityTM Black, Is it glossy or matte?
From a painter’s perspective, Gravity Black is the most color neutral paint we have seen. It can be blended with other single pigment paints without causing a hue change.
With respect to glare, Gravity produces an extremely matte, non-reflective finish, as shown below. It is available here, and in select Artist & Craftsman stores.

NanoLab is working with ACMI to obtain LHAMA approvals for Gravity Black. In the meantime, customers are advised that this material is experimental, and to follow instructions in the safety data sheets provided. Gravity Black is discontinued at this time.