nanotube arrays data sheet
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Data Sheets for Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays
1. A chart of alignment with length and diametr on standard carbon nanotube arrays. length and diameter control chart
2.Field emission charasteristic of aligned carbon nanotube arrays.
(1) Field emission I- characteristics of standard arrays.
(2) Long-term field emissin stability of standard arrays at constant voltages.
(3) Field emission I-V characteristic from low site density of arrays.
Sample Length (um) Density (/cm2)
A 4.0 6x106
B 5.5 5x106
C 7.0 2x106
D 8.5 1x106
E 10.5 1x106
F 12.5 3x106
G 12.5 6x106
H 8.5 4x106
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