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Typical Data of SEM-EDS Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Paper
NanoLab prepares freestanding carbon nanotube paper "buckypaper" in various sizes and thickness for your research and development needs. The paper is made from our 95% BPD15L520 product, and can be made from other nanotube types on request.
Spectrum processing: No peaks omitted
Processing option: All elements analysed (Normalised)
Element App Conc. Weight% Atomic%
C K 445.89 95.93 98.54
Na K 1.50 0.60 0.32
Al K 1.38 0.51 0.23
Si K 2.10 0.71 0.31
S K 1.90 0.61 0.23
Fe K 4.09 1.65 0.36
Totals   100.00  
Typical SEM-EDS analysis 

of carbon nanotube paper
updated: 08/12/2011