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Company History

NanoLab is a Massachusetts S corporation, founded in January 2000 by David Carnahan, Zhifeng Ren and Krzysztof Kempa, then both professors at Boston College.
NanoLab still makes use of the cleanroom facilities at BC, and collaborates with some faculty there. The company was temporarily headquartered in Watertown, until moving into a 2000sf facility in Brighton in 2001. To support our growth, we then moved to a 5000sf lab space in Newton in 2003, at ChapelBridge Park. This remained our home until 2010, when we relocated to 179 Bear Hill Road in Waltham. In 2016, we moved again, into a 15000sf building on Bedford St. Waltham.
Initially, NanoLab operated as a manufacturer of carbon nanotubes, and was the first to bring modern quality control procedures and process scaling to the manufacture of nanomaterials. With the automated and repeatable processes developed in those early days of 2000 and 2001, we were able to bring the costs of these materials from $1000/g to 100/g and below. These processes continue to evolve, while retaining the quality control that made the chemical vapor deposition technique so effective. We were also the first company to market vertically aligned carbon nanotubes in the marketplace. As nanomaterials became more widely available, we recognized that many customers needed assistance in developing solutions for their particular issues. This lead us to hire in product development engineers, and create value by designing with nanomaterials. We operate today both as a manufacturer and as a product development house, translating customer needs into custom advanced materials, sensors, coatings, and devices.