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Singularity is a brushable or sprayable formulation that creates a coating that will absorb 98.5% of visible light incident upon it.

We recommend that customers consult with NanoLab personnel before working with the paint to ensure good results and safe practices. Shipping costs are not included for either International or Domestic. Shipping domestically is GROUND to the continental United States. International shipment will be by Fedex International Express

On Safety: Consult with a NanoLab specialist if you have any doubts about your equipment and training needs. When Singularity is sprayed through an air brush, the aerosolized particles contain the polymeric binder, the carbon nanotubes and the fugitive solvent. These polymer-bound particles should not pose a health risk, but caution is warranted with any new material. Droplet sizes we have measured are typically larger than 5 microns, but other sprayers may differ in aerosolization. Respirators with a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) rating of P95 or greater have been shown to prevent the inhalation of CNTs under normal breathing conditions, and is mandatory safety equipment. The properties of nanotubes are not yet well understood, so use caution.
  • Selecting Respirators
  • NIOSH-2009 Instruction
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    updated: 03/29/2017