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Cobalt Nanoparticles
NanoLab offers highly Monodisperse, Magnetic Cobalt nanoparticles, which are dispersed in Hexane or Toluene. Cobalt particle sizes are 8,10, or 12nm. Standard offering is 5ml vial, $1000/vial

For more information, click: Cobalt Colloids
cobalt nanoparticles
Nickel Nanoparticles
NanoLab offers spherical Nickel nanoparticles, which are a 99+% nickel nanopowders with a d50 of 70nm, a d90 of 210nm, and a d10 of 40nm. This material has a specific surface area of ~5 m2/g, and is shipped as a dry powder. The Nickel powder can also be formulated as a paste, ink or suspension. Contact for a quotation.
Catalog No Unit Price Price/Package
Ni -5g $4.0/g $20
Nickel nanoparticle TEM image High Resolution TEM image of Spherical Ni Nanoparticles
Descriptions of above images (Scale bar=100nm):
(left) ~70nm diameter spherical Nickel nanoparticles (Click to Enlarge).
(right) Second image of Nickel nanopowder at similar magnification (Click to Enlarge).

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