cnt-boron-carbide conposite
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Carbon Nanotube Toughened Boron Carbide
NanoLab was awarded a Phase II SBIR contract to develop a high toughness boron carbide composite containing carbon nanotubes. NanoLab developed hot pressing and pressureless sintering protocols for this B4C-CNT composite, resulting in significant improvements in fracture toughness (K1c). The same process is applicable to alumina, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, and even some metals. While we do not have hot pressing capabilities in house, we have a network of toll providers ready to serve. For mechanical properties of this composite, see below. Please contact us directly for other properties and applications of this material.

We routinely produce following products:
  • Tiles:        4" x 4", larger on request
  • Disks:      3" diameter, larger on request
  • Spheres:  Up to 7 mm in diameter
  • Shapes:   Square pyramids, other shapes on request.
  • Material Properties:
    Sample ID % CNT % Theoretical Density Young's Modulus GPa Knoop Hardness kg/mm2 Fracture Toughness MPa/m1/2
    1 0 99.8 460 2300 3
    2 4 100 411 2250 5
    3 5 99.2 378 2200 5
    The page was updated on 05/17/2017